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The Best Sustainable Merchandise Ideas for Green Events

With green and eco events becoming more and more popular by the year, the Curious Vision team wanted to take this opportunity to explore some of the eco merchandise that you can supply to provide unforgettable brand experiences to attendees. Let’s dive right into some sustainable merchandise ideas!

Reusable shopping bags

There’s a reason why reusable tote bags continue to be one of the most popular eco products: they’re extremely useful and they offer a nice big canvas to show off your brand! The material that you choose is entirely up to you and you can’t go wrong as long as it’s hard-wearing. The main thing you want to focus on is how you display your brand. A bold logo or some branded artwork is always a great way to go.

Water bottles

Plastic water bottles are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to plastic pollution, which is why more and more people are making the switch to reusable bottles. These bottles tend to be much more hard-wearing and are made from quality materials – they also offer some excellent branding real estate too! They look great in bold colours and usually have plenty of room for big logos, so why not create some for your upcoming eco event? For every water bottle that someone takes away, that’s something that could see daily use for years, which is fantastic branding value. 

Reusable/travel coffee cups

At eco events there are lots of things going on, exhibitions to visit, talks to attend – you get the idea. As you can imagine, then, a lot of coffee will be required to keep everyone fuelled and alert! That’s why offering reusable coffee cups is an excellent sustainable merchandise idea. They will see daily use, and they will allow users to associate your brand with their favourite morning ritual!

Eco stationery

Pens and other forms of stationery have always been popular forms of merchandise to give out at events, mainly because they’re the sort of item that we need so often but are so hesitant to actually buy ourselves. So, at an eco event, it makes sense to supply attendees with branded pens made from recycled materials!

Phone cradles and flash drives

Eco tech is a big trend and it’s only going to get bigger, so why not jump on it now and offer some eco tech promotional products at your next event? Phone cradles made from recyclable materials are an excellent example of this. You could go with recycled rubber or wood, depending on whether you want to achieve a more sleek or natural look. Another example would be USB flash drives with covers made from recycled materials.

Looking for sustainable merchandise ideas?

Curious Vision works with brands to create promotional products that really stand out. If you have an eco event coming up and you would like to work with us to create some eco products that will turn heads, all you have to do is give us a call!

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