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The Best Promotional Product Ideas

Physical promotional products have been a marketing staple for decades, and even in our increasingly digital world, they still remain extremely impactful. In this article, the Curious Vision team is going to be breaking down what makes a promotional product effective, and then we’ll take a look at some promotional product ideas that we think you should be focusing on in 2022 and beyond.

What makes a promotional product effective?

There are a number of different factors that can determine a promotional products effectiveness, these are:

  • Usefulness: when handing out promotional products, you want to make absolutely sure that it’s something that the recipient will want to use. This is why notebooks and other kinds of stationery have always been popular.
  • Compact: size is another important factor for promotional products, because we want the recipient to take it with them and use it on the go so others can see it! Your brand doesn’t benefit if someone uses one of your promotional products everyday at home exclusively.
  • Design: a good, eye-catching design is vital if we want customers to pick up and start using a promotional product straight away. Since this is something that the customer hasn’t asked for and isn’t essential, it needs to elicit an emotional response in some way in order for it to cement its importance.

The top promotional product ideas for 2022 and beyond

  • Face coverings: While COVID might not be the menace it was a year or two ago, face coverings aren’t going to be going anywhere. Not only does a custom face covering demonstrate that you care about your customers’ health, it’s also a highly effective form of branding because the eye is so easily drawn to it.
  • Eco products: Today, a product’s eco credentials are more important than ever. This means you need to offer promotional products that are quality and built to last, not forgettable and disposable. Quality water bottles and reusable coffee cups are excellent eco-friendly promotional products because everyone needs them, they demonstrate that you are committed to the green movement and they get your brand in front of lots of people!
  • Bags: Promotional bags, particularly versatile tote bags, are always effective promotional tools for two reasons: 1) we always need them for shopping, and they’re often something we don’t buy ourselves, and 2) they offer an excellent canvas to get creative with branding!
  • T-shirts and hats: Clothes are still fantastic promotional items in 2022, but in line with what we mentioned earlier, you need to make sure that the quality is good enough. There’s no point in trying to go the cheap route and ending up with a pile of ill-fitting, low-quality promotional clothing. Instead, spend a little extra on quality and fit and people will wear your brand proudly!

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