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How to Choose Corporate Merchandise for Executives

Corporate merchandise is a powerful tool for reinforcing brand identity and leaving an impression, but it’s not always clear what sort of merchandise you should be investing in to give to your suppliers and customers. When it comes to executives, you want to find gifts that reflect the professionalism and status associated with their high-profile positions. 

In this article, the Curious Vision team will discuss a variety of executive gifts for different occasions.

Branded merchandise for business trips

Business trips are a common part of an executive’s routine, making branded merchandise for these occasions a straightforward choice. Here are some ideas to make the travel experience that little bit sweeter.

  • Executive travel bags: Invest in high-quality, branded travel bags that are subtle but sophisticated. Whether it’s a sleek laptop bag, a premium leather duffle or a simple carry-on, these items have a practical purpose while making a strong statement about your company’s commitment to quality.
  • Tech accessories: Why not go for branded tech accessories to make their travel more convenient? Items like power banks, USB hubs and travel adapters display your brand prominently while demonstrating your understanding of the tech world in general.
  • Apparel: Consider providing executives with branded apparel suitable for business travel. Premium branded shirts, fleeces and scarves look smart while offering comfort during those long flights.
  • Travel-sized wellness items: Travel-sized wellness items are a great way to show your commitment to wellbeing. Branded items like compact massagers, noise-cancelling earplugs or travel-sized skincare kits can make travel more pleasant and always come in handy.

Elicap branded merchandise


Branded merchandise for C-suite events

C-suite events demand a different level of sophistication and exclusivity, so here are some ideas for branded merchandise that fit these unique criteria.

  • Executive gift sets: Create luxurious gift sets that include high-end branded items such as premium pens, leather-bound notebooks and other engraved accessories. These sets make for impressive gifts during executive meetings and events, and work for all kinds of businesspeople.
  • Branded fine dining accessories: For exclusive dinners and events, why not create some branded fine dining accessories? Elegant branded wine glasses, bespoke silverware or engraved crystal decanters add a touch of class and help customers associate your brand with refinement.
  • Exclusive event merchandise: If you want to really go all in on a theme, design and produce exclusive merchandise specifically for C-suite events. For example, limited-edition items like custom leather-bound event journals could really impress, or executive briefcases and bespoke branded watches will create a sense of exclusivity too.

RG branded notepad cover

Branded merchandise for leisure time

Business leaders, like everyone else, cherish their leisure time as an opportunity to unwind and recharge the batteries, so focusing promotional products on this area is something to think about. Here are some of our favourite ideas.

  • Premium outdoor gear: Encourage your customers and suppliers to embrace the outdoors with branded technical gear. Consider items like branded backpacks, insulated water bottles or even high-quality outdoor blankets.
  • Exclusive golf accessories: Golf remains a popular leisure activity among executives of all types, so it’s a safe choice for gifts. Take their game to the next level with exclusive branded golf accessories such as personalised golf balls, golf towels or custom-engraved divot repair tools.
  • Personalised fitness gear: Promote a healthy lifestyle with personalised fitness gear. Yoga mats, fitness trackers or customised athletic wear further showcase your commitment to wellbeing.
  • Exclusive culinary experiences: Cooking is something we all dabble in from time to time, so why not gift branded culinary items that enhance their kitchen experience? Personalised chef’s aprons, premium cookware sets or engraved wine glasses are both useful and sophisticated.

Have the above ideas for corporate gifts inspired you? Then we want to hear from you! Curious Vision is one of the UK’s leading promotional product designers and manufacturers, so give us a call and let’s discuss your needs.

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