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5 Ways That Promotional Products Can Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

When considering marketing strategies for the year ahead, your mind may immediately jump to prominent, flashy advertising campaigns. However, one approach you may have overlooked is promotional products. Although it’s a technique that may not grab the eye immediately, it’s clear that branded merchandise can have a huge impact on sales and greatly increase brand awareness.

With this in mind, the team at Curious Vision has written this article, reminding you of five key benefits of promotional products and how they can enhance your marketing strategy.

Lead Generation

Whilst some traditional companies choose to generate leads via more conventional methods – handing out business cards, for example – promotional products are a tangible way to grab attention. Whereas a business card may get pushed into a wallet and forgotten about, promotional items will be used every day, acting as an inconspicuous advertisement. Printing your social media handles on to the branded product will amplify online presence and redirect consumers back to your commercial sites.

Client Loyalty

It always feels good to receive a gift and free business promotional items are an easy way to show your customers that you care. In fact, a recent study by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) has shown that receiving a gift from a trusted brand will prompt over 75% of consumers to make a repeat purchase in the future. Whilst acquiring new clients is important, it is also challenging and expensive, whereas prioritising customer retention and maintaining existing relationships is a low-cost way to cultivate sales. This is where promotional products come in; they help to retain clients as they show that you value their custom.

Brand Awareness

Investing in promotional products ensures that your logo and brand name will be seen regularly. This promotes brand recall by subtly ensuring that the consumer is regularly reminded of your company. This unconscious awareness can help drive sales; a recent study by BPMA has found that clients who receive free promotional products can raise brand awareness by a whopping 96%! This can be maximised by thinking strategically about the type of products you wish to associate your brand with – what items will your customers find useful and likely use every day?

Cost Effective

Although high-profile advertising campaigns can create great brand exposure, they can also be extremely costly. Sometimes, less is more. Think about how many times you’ve signed a contract with a branded pen. Have you ever jotted down ideas in a promotional notepad? Business promotional products are used thousands of times throughout their lifespan, giving them an incredibly low cost per impression. Choosing durable items that will last ensures a great return on investment as your product will be seen many times for a massively reduced cost. It doesn’t have to be small items either; promotional products can also be scaled up or down depending on the demands of the company.

Beyond marketing

Although promotional products are a great way to connect with potential customers, they also have benefits for your employees too: they can be used for welcoming new staff, as a reward for a job well done and as a method of self-promotion. If all employees have access to the same promotional products, it can act as a uniform of sorts and help to foster a positive company culture by making everyone feel included.

Curious Vision is a well-established designer and manufacturer of promotional products in the UK. We collaborate with leading companies to provide tailor-made products that capitalise on your marketing strategy. If you’d like to work with us and create some brand-defining merchandise, simply get in touch with our team – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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